About Us

An Organized Process

At the Woodmont Psychiatric Group, our staff takes care of a multitude of tasks. Apart from the regular hours, all after-hours calls are handled by our answering service. Only qualified members of the practice will answer your questions. We accept checks, cash, and VISA or Mastercard for payments.

Woodmont Psychiatric Group

Responsibilities of Our Staff

  • Scheduling appointments (note that all patients are seen by appointment only).
  • Taking prescription requests (which may need to be written out by the doctor or sent electronically).
  • Answering patient or pharmacy questions.
  • Answering any billing questions.
  • Taking messages for the doctors and expediently transmitting them.
  • Checking patients in or out.
  • The staff is there for the patient, to take care of whatever needs arise and address them immediately.

After-Hours Services

Our answering service (240) 638-9754 can take after-hours calls. Each doctor in the group is on-call for his/her patients unless out of town or unavailable for other reasons. If away, another doctor will be available to take calls. Please feel free to call our office during normal office hours to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.

Woodmont Psychiatric Group
Woodmont Psychiatric Group

Insurance & Payment

Doctors at Woodmont Psychiatric Group do not participate in any managed health care networks. Therefore, our doctors are considered out-of-network. This means clients may receive partial reimbursement for services if their plan covers mental health treatment from out-of-network providers. Please be sure to check with your insurance company directly regarding coverage and reimbursement. The individual company determines the reimbursement you will receive following the insured's specific plan.

Our Payment Policy

Payment is made directly to our office at the time of the service. Statements are given or mailed to patients. These statements are designed for submission to insurance companies, reflecting all relevant codes and information, including: 

  • Charges
  • Payments
  • Diagnostic codes
  • Procedure codes
  • Federal ID number

We accept checks, cash, and VISA or Mastercard for payment.

No Medicare

None of our doctors are involved in Medicare. Medicare patients will be asked to sign a private contract certifying that they will not attempt to seek reimbursement from Medicare for services at our office. Some insurance plans, secondary to Medicare, do reimburse for services.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office manager if you have any questions regarding any issues related to payment or insurance.

Woodmont Psychiatric Group
Woodmont Psychiatric Group

What Sets Us Apart

When you call our office, you will be able to speak to one of our qualified staff members during regular office hours, and you won't be redirected to any answering machine or service. Our staff can take care of a multitude of tasks. After hours, calls will be taken by the answering service.